Flooded Home Insurance

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If your home has been flooded in the past you may find it difficult to find insurance at a decent cost, or even at any price at all. In this case you may need to contact a specialist flood insurance broker, and you can do this by clicking the link above.

Is your house at risk of flooding, from the sea or rivers? The Environment Agency has a very useful website which allows you to check just how much risk a particular area is in; you just choose a topic, fill in your postcode in the search box and you will be taken to an interactive map which shows the past history of your locality. You can also use this site to check the latest reports on days when risks are particularly high.

The main risks come from the sea and rivers but a lot of flooding occurs as a consequence of blocked drains or sewers. Insurance companies sometimes tend to be a little more lenient about homes which have a past history of problems from these causes provided that the necessary remedial work has been carried out and the regular checks are in place. Other insurers may take a more jaundiced view on the basis that the original incident should never have been allowed to occur in the first place so as usual it is best to contact more than one company for a quotation.

Do bear in mind that if your home has already suffered from flood damage in the past any prospective insurer will probably want to know what you have done to minimise future losses if this happens again. There may be alterations you can make to your home to minimise or even eradicate risks due to light flooding but these will probably involve considerable expense and it would be vital for you to obtain specialist advice before thinking of these are particularly since it is unlikely that there will be any 100% guarantee of effectiveness.

It is important to be realistic and accept the fact that the cost of a single flooding incidents can be extremely high particularly if a house is affected by sewage or other contaminants and so premiums tend to be high, as well as the excess you would be expected to pay out of your own pocket for each claim.

The vast majority of online insurers will automatically refuse to insure a property which has suffered from any type of flooding in the past, and those that will do so will probably want to discuss each case individually. There is therefore usually no point in trying to get quotes from automated price comparison engines, so you are likely to need to discuss the matter with a specialist insurer.